Democrats are screwed!

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Democrats are screwed!

Democrats are screwed! Obama has killed your party for at least a generation! Horrific obamacare, adding 50% to the debt, attacks on the rights of American citizens while supporting terrorists and also attacking Christian and family values… all while trying to give amnesty to 20+ million illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place!

Wait… let’s not forget the coverups like benghazi, fast and furious, boston, west Texas… and the absolute cowardice and retreat in the faces of our enemies… the raising of taxes while spending our great grandchildren into poverty… I am sure there is more I could add here…but I will save it for later.

But thank you Idiot libertards… you have made certain that idiot hillary clinton can’t run for office… joe biden and the like will be stripped out of DC… and in 2014…republicans, tea party, and independents sweep into offices across the land from the local, county, state, and federal levels…

This time though it won’t be your favorite idiots returning to DC.. it will be real people… people who have had jobs, built companies, lost it all and come back stronger… it will be teachers, doctors, hair dressers, cops, nurses, clerks, warriors, and yes even event promoters… a slight cringe because we could do with quite a few less lawyers in DC… but you really can’t win them all…

The next 20 years is going to be brutal on you democrats and all others who believe the people exist to support the government… or that government exists to run everything! its 2014 that we remind you where you stand! The Government exists at the will of the people to support and protect our dreams and way of life. Unfortunately we the people have neglected our duty to provide oversight… but that is changing…

Obama promised change… well he was right! America is waking up… your days of fleecing us with taxes and regulations that violate our rights are coming to an end!

We`re coming! See you soon!
Semper Fidelis

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