Take a stand America

Take a stand America

In the US there are more guns in the hands of citizens than the combined militaries of the world. I suggest this number increases 10 fold by Summer.

There are forces at work aimed at the subjugation of our people. Sadly a large percentage of Americans are blindly following these groups and their agenda. Like the people of pre-war Germany and many others throughout history… these citizens are drinking the kool-aid and believing the rhetoric and propaganda instead of listening to reason.

Even the colleges and now k-12 schools are preaching and indoctrinating our kids. Revisionist historians are trashing America’s core principles and distorting the truth and dignity of our founding fathers. Our government believes right wing extremists are the biggest threats to our country. That Christian beliefs and values held dear for generations are a threat.

These beliefs are not a threat to the country… they are a threat to their agenda. Hold tight to your beliefs my friends. Prepare to defend yourselves and your families. A great fight is coming to our homes and lands. Our once great country faces dire times brought on by those who have and continue to try to destroy America.

Lead by an elite class or group of immensely wealthy and powerful people and backed by a generation of anti American and liberal/communist douchenozzles who have become ingrained in our institutions combined with the idea of political correctness… these people have set the stage for the fall of America.

Over taxed, uninformed, uneducated, and dimwitted masses suckling on government handouts indoctrinated to believe they are entitled to get free money from the hard working people. Millions of illegal immigrants being allowed into our country getting free handouts from a corrupt government. Our rights being trampled on and taken away piece by piece. Yet our citizens do nothing?

Time and again… you idiots vote to return the same people to office that are orchestrating these atrocities. Our country cares more about and pays more attention to sports and tv shows than it does elections. Awww we ejected a Republican congress? Then sat back and patted each other on the back. Knowing yet not caring that they did nothing but say the right things to get elected.

I don’t know what it will take to wake you all up. What is needed to force the impeachment of Obama? What will it take to force the removal of 99% of the thieves and traitors in government? Our government is out of control… yet you do nothing. The 2 party system is a BS illusion. It’s one party now with 2 faces.
We should remove them all en masse. Then replace them with real people. Regular hard working Americans! Small business owners… Veterans… not lawyers or politicians. But unfortunately you all don’t have the balls to stand up and be counted. It will be too hard. The scrutiny will be too much for your family. That’s complete bullshit!

My past is no fairy tale. I have made mistakes you wouldn’t believe. Errors in judgement I am embarrassed by… but I never in my life will let that stand in the way of protecting my family, friends, or all of you. Reach down and grab a pair and join me. I double-triple dog dare you!

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