It’s time for new leaders in America

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It’s time for new leaders in America

You know the nice thing about watching politics today…? It’s knowing that my generation and the ones following me won’t long suffer from this sad state of affairs. As our generation seizes power… the 2 party system in this country will fail. We are the most powerful block in this country. 18-45.

I don’t give a rats ass if you are black, white, orange, purple, red… it’s like they told me at Parris Island and all thru my time in the Marines… Everyone is green! If you are an American Citizen… you are good with me. If not… Well that’s a topic for another rant!

So now… It’s 2013… the Government is shutdown. Too much BS… we don’t even pay attention when Obama goes on tv or the talking heads from any network (including Fox News) run their PROPAGANDA which they tell us is news! The time has come for a new path my friends. It’s time we took control away from politicians, bankers, and corporations. Hell, 95+% of this country doesn’t even know how the system works anymore. Oh Yeah… That’s by design too!

Look around you… is anyone doing well? Those that work like slaves maybe… I know… I do it all the time! The grass isn’t always as green as it looks next door people. It’s time we put real people in office… people with dreams, hopes, and a real desire to make the world a better place for their fellow human beings! Will it be painful? Hell Yes! It has to be done though!

I couldn’t vote for Perot or even Ron Paul… I liked their positions on many things but I disagreed with them on many issues. I regret not taking action earlier but now we have no time. Our country is in Free Fall… Every sector of the country is failing all the while we are told the economy is recovering… MY BIG WHITE BEHIND!

The economy will never recover while taxes are skyrocketing, US debt is so big they won’t even tell us anything near the truth… 17 Trillion? Psssssh! Try nearly 70 trillion! My friends it is time for statesmen and woman… Leaders from the working class. Who try to pay their bills, work hard, and know the difference between whats best for Washington and what’s best for the United States!

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