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Support Gip Gipson & Gip’s Place

For nearly 60 years Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama has been showcasing some of the best blues talent from around the country and indeed the world. Sadly, Saturday, May 5, 2013… Bessemer City police raided and closed this iconic Juke Joint which is hailed as one of the last true American Juke Joints. Through Magic City & Birmingham Scene, I helped organize a show of support for Gip & Gip’s Place on Tuesday, May 7 at the Bessemer City Council meeting. More than 200 people showed up to show support including musicians, business leaders, news media, and local leaders.

I do not take any credit personally for the turnout. It’s Gip & his life that brought these people out. To read more about Gip and his influence on Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabama, music, and life… visit the links below!

An amazing article from the American Blues Scene Magazine:

Gip’s Place fan page on Facebook:

Save Gip’s Place facebook page:

Support the Fight for Gip’s Place facebook event:

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